Chasing Fog to Reveal Mystery


Chasing fog always brings in mystery. It’s due to the unpredictable weather which always changes. Last time my friends and I went to the spot where the fog can be found easily, we didn’t expect that we were welcomed by this wet yet thick fog. However, you can’t be lazy if you really want to see and capture this beautiful phenomenon. We got there around 4:00 am, and we almost missed it. Fortunately, we could still see and take some photos along with the fog. Overall, the statement of chasing fog to reveal mystery is true after all.

Witnessing the Real Natural World from Above

IMG_3010.JPG The best part in traveling is being able to see many unforgettable moments and breathtaking views. When I was in Bandung, my friends invited me to go to Mount Batu. They promised me that I would be able to see the beautiful view of Bandung from up above. And they did it. They were succeed to make me open my mouth for about minutes! It was such an incredible view up there. I could see the mountains around and the city sight. I just wanted to stay longer than I should. It is probably the aim why God creates this place, to make many Indonesians feel grateful on the natural world we have in Indonesia.

Minimalist Idealist

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Coucou! I am so excited knowing that the challenge for this weekend is Minimalist. I post regularly minimal photograph on my instagram. I have two instagram accounts, the first one is Minimal Landscape, which is my main instagram account and the other one is (I usually call it) the Real Minimal Photography. You can visit both of my instagram accounts and kindly follow if you like one of them 🙂

Well, I hope you can enjoy my minimal photographs. Let’s share if you also have an interest in minimal photography like me. Have a great day!

Tchao tchao…

Solitude Creates Gratitude


In my opinion, being solitude sometimes is needed. Letting yourself do what it wants to do and enjoy every moment passing by gives a positive energy for me. When I am alone, I can talk to myself personally, I can have time to reflect anything happens in my life clearly, and I can be grateful on what I have entirely. Loving yourself unconditionally is the true happiness. Then, we can share our love to people. They must have felt it too. I believe in it.

What Bliss Means to You?


Meeting new people is always fun and becomes a new experience. Last August, some Bali instagram friends and I went to Yogyakarta for couple of days. We were welcomed by some talented Yogyakarta igers who were also very fun and friendly. We shared and talked about many things. For me, it was a bliss moment which probably won’t happen again. I just miss Yogyakarta and the people now. I miss the cheap yet delicious food, especially. Hahaha!